listing on coinmarketcap

We’re excited to announce the official listing of BNG (Meta Bingo Club) token on CoinMarketCap. This listing opens up new opportunities for token holders and the crypto community.

CoinMarketCap users can access essential information about BNG, including price, market cap, volume, and historical data. This listing provides visibility and exposure for BNG, attracting potential investors.

The CoinMarketCap listing enhances BNG liquidity, enabling easier trading on various platforms. BNG becomes more accessible to a broader audience, fostering an active ecosystem.

Thanks for the community’s support. Stay tuned for more updates from Meta Bingo Club as we revolutionize gaming through blockchain and BNG.

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Game at higher stakes (0.01-50 $BNG) for owners of NFT Gold
Quantity 6000 unique nft


15 $BNG per day