Airdrop for everyone

New airdrop which you cannot miss: Meta Bingo Club (BNG)

Total Reward: $15,000 worth of BNG Winners: Top 1000
Hurry up to take the prize seats

🏆FIRST PRIZE: 10 000 $BNG each (more/= 8250XP)
🏆SECOND PRIZE: 5000 $BNG each (2750-8249XP) 
🏆THIRD PRIZE: 1000 $BNG each (1750-2749XP) Airdrop Link: AIRDROP PAGE

👉Connect your Metamask wallet    👉Complete as many tasks as possible.  👉Invite your friends for be on TOP.  👉Mint free NFT for more XP
👉Mint Game NFT for 100% Win      👉Stake Game NFT
Note: Airdrop will end on 1th June and rewards will be distributed with in a day after the token launch. ‼️Participants who have unsubscribed from social networks will not be awarded‼️

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Game at higher stakes (0.01-50 $BNG) for owners of NFT Gold
Quantity 6000 unique nft


15 $BNG per day